Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee is charged with developing a long term strategy for the growth and development of Grand Island.

Meetings 2nd Wednesday of the month in the first floor Conference Room, Town Hall

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan update is complete. Hard copies are available for viewing at Grand Island Memorial Library, Golden Age Center, and Town Clerk's Office. To access the online version, click the link on the left hand side of this page. 

 Members of the Long Range Planning Committee:

  • Chairman - Jim Sharpe
  • Town Council - Pete Marston
  • Agricultural Plan Steering Committee  - Sheila Daminski
  • Business/Development - GI Chamber of Commerce, Eric Fiebelkorn
  • Conservation Advisory Board - Chair, Jeff Green
  • Economic Development Advisory Board - Representative, Mary West
  • Planning Board - Chairperson, David Bruno
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - Chair, Judy Schmidt
  • Traffic Safety Advisory Board - Representative, Lawrence Kieffer
  • Zoning Board of Appeal - Representative, Marion Fabiano
  • Grand Island Central Schools - Superintendent, Brian Graham
  • Historic Preservation Advisory Board -  Chair, Joseph Macaluso
  • Citizen-at-Large, Deborah Billoni
  • Citizen-at-Large, Peter Coppola
  • Citizen-at-Large, Dan Drexilius
  • Citizen-at-Large, Martha Ludwig
  • Citizen-at-Large, Sharon Osgood
  • Citizen-at-Large - Paul Leuchner

Contact Info

Contact Chairperson, Jim Sharpe, for more information.
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