Historic Preservation Advisory Board


The purpose of this advisory board is to preserve and promote the natural beauty, rich heritage and history of Grand Island and its people.

This committee meets on the third Friday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room at Town Hall. 
Please contact Chairman at 773-5977 for meeting dates.

About HPAB

Members of the Historic Preservation Advisory Board:

  • Joseph Macaluso - Chairman - 2024
  • Sharon Nichols - 2021
  • Carolyn Doebert - 2024
  • Mary Cooke - 2022
  • Historical Society:
  • Shirley Luther - 2022
  • June Crawford - 2022
  • Jodi Robinson, Town Historian - 2021, email
  • Michael Madigan, Town Board Liaison

At-large members serve 4-year terms; Two Historical Society representatives serve 2-year terms, and the Town Historian serves a 1-year term.

Please email 
historic@grand-island.ny.us for more information.