Feedback needed for Proposed GI Projects   2/25/2021

The development of the Town’s waterfront plan (LWRP) is continuing to move along! We’ve done a lot of analysis, gotten good preliminary community feedback, and come up with some key projects to consider after the LWRP is adopted. 
Now we want to get your feedback on what we’ve come up with!  Normally we would have a public meeting for this, but since health and safety is of the utmost importance, we’re going virtual with an interactive site below. 
There are a few different options for you to give us your feedback here including a map, survey, and discussion forum, so take it for a spin and let us know your thoughts!
The site will be available until the end of January to ensure we get a good amount of feedback.  It also includes a little background on the project and a timeline of future events in case you don’t remember or didn’t know what this project is about.