Open Space Plan

The Town defines “open space” as: Any space or area characterized by natural scenic beauty or whose current or potential ecological value, natural condition or present state of use, if retained, would enhance the present or potential value of abutting or surrounding urban development or would maintain or enhance the conservation of natural or scenic resources.

In the  Town of Grand Island Comprehensive Plan, the Town acknowledges that “natural resources are our biggest asset.” The town has a significant amount of open space that is comprised of parks, wetlands, wildlife management areas, woodlots, and other natural resources. The Plan identifies the following goal: “Support the preservation of Grand Island’s many natural resources due to their contribution to the overall character of the Island as well as the numerous economic opportunities they can provide.”

The first objective to achieving this goal is to prepare an inventory and map of open spaces in the Town. The Town Code charges the Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) with the creation and maintenance of this inventory. The Code also sets forth that the inventory is to be used by the CAB in its review of applications received by the Town Board, Building Department, Planning Board, or other administrative body for use or development of the open space properties. The CAB then makes recommendations to the Town Board as to the most appropriate use or development of the Town’s open spaces.

The following documents outline the criteria and methodology for the Open Space Inventory as well as associated maps: