Building/Code Enforcement/Zoning

This department is responsible for the enforcement of the New York State Commercial and Residential Building Codes and Fire Prevention inspections, within the Town of Grand Island, as well as the various portions of the Town Code.

Building permits are issued, plans and specifications are reviewed and various inspections are conducted. 

We assist the public, contractors and design professionals in the understanding of the various code requirements as they apply to their particular projects.  

We prepare periodic reports, notices, and related documents. We perform required fire safety inspections of existing buildings and investigate complaints relating to code violations.

Whether you are a contractor or a resident planning a project, we can help you.

Some of the things we are responsible for are:

-New York State Commercial and Residential Building Codes
-Enforcement of the Town Code
-Building Permits
-Reviewing Plans and Specifications
-Building inspections
-Required Fire Safety Inspections
-Investigating and resolving complaints relating to code violations

Phone 773-9600 ext. 646          
Fax (716) 773-9618           

Dept. Email:


Town Hall 716-773-9600

Department Head:

Ronald Milks, Code Enforcement
x 644  


Tony Fischione, Code Enforcement
x 625

Kasey Morgan, PE, Code Enforcement, x643

Robert Hassett, Building Safety Inspector   x637

Linda Koch, Department Assistant
x 646

Rhonda Tollner, Department Assistant
x 610

Fax: 716-773-9618

Grand Island Town Hall
1st Floor
2255 Baseline Road
Grand Island, New York 14072